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Virakshi Health & Wellness is a platform where you can learn how to live a life full of postivity. An old saying goes by - Health is more important than Wealth. We can help you to live a better tomorrow. Don't wait any more, join us to lead an enjoyble, active and inspiring life.


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Hi! I'm Vivek Grover...

I am a very disciplined Yoga enthusiast for last 40 years. I met with an accident about 30 years ago, which left my limbs impaired. After undergoing multiple surgeries, procedures and a bed rest for five months, I recovered myself with Yoga, Pranayam & Meditation. My life goal is to empower you to live a Healthy, Happy and disease free life leading to longevity.







There is a lot negative energy in this world. My aim is to curb it by transforming the minds of the people living in it through 3000 years old heritage - YOGA.


My exeriences in life have empowered me to understand situations, we all go through . These might seem tiny but can cause serious disturbance in anyone's life. I can listen, understand , comprehend, counsel and work with you to make a better tomorrow - by power of PRANAYAM.


I want to build a community of Reformers who can reform themselves and be roll models for the world.


We are growing by adopting a Healthy & Spiritual Lifestyle, and building a new group of reformers for the new world.

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